Automotive dealerships F&I Opportunity

Our System provides Dealerships with a low-cost, simple solution to keep track of their inventory while creating a profit center for their Finance Department.

Next Generation Dealer Inventory Solution with F&I Profit Opportunity

Our groundbreaking GPS technology solution helps increase profit-per-vehicle while Increasing Consumer Satisfaction scores by offering customers a high-tech, high-value product in their finance department. When car buyers purchase this system, they will appreciate the safety it affords their family along with the security only a state-of-the-art stolen vehicle recovery system can offer.

Wireless Device

At Revgps 5G Theft Recovery, our core values define our culture.
They are our guiding principles and our fundamental beliefs.

Easy 1-minute install

True wireless & compact size installs simply by adhering to a secure location within your asset.

Eliminate Risk

Avoid cutting wires and lengthy installs voiding manufacturer warranties.

Zero Profit Loss

Easy to remove if your clients don’t purchase it and assign to new asset.

No Monthly/ Annual Fees

No recurring monthly or annual  fees ever.

Revgps 5g Wireless Device easy 1-minute Installation

Why Should You Use REVGPS 5G Wireless Theft Recovery System GPS Tracking?

Innovative compact design

approximately size of standard credit card (3.77 x 1.96 x .44) Inches

Remote settings

Geo-Fence Alarm/Emergency Mode/ Remote settings

Lithium Manganese Battery

Zero discharge battery allowing long standby mode

IP67 Rated

100% protected against dust and sand, tested to work for at least 30 minutes while under 1m of water

REVVGPS Products & Technology

At Revvgps, our industry-leading technology and groundbreaking products define our culture. Our solutions help increase dealer Profit-Per-Vehicle while securing Customer Confidence.

With Advanced Cellular Communication Technologies, Revgps 5g Theft Recovery Offers Virtually 100% Vehicle Tracking And Locator Coverage Within The Continental USA, Greatly Improving The Chance Of A Quick Vehicle Recovery.

REVGPS 5G Theft Recovery System uses vehicle tracking solutions which combine sophisticated GPS tracking technology with flexible advanced mapping & reporting software. A GPS-enabled vehicle tracking device is installed on each vehicle to collect and transmit tracking data via a satellite network which delivers real time precise location & coordinates of your vehicle.

Unlike other theft recovery devices, REV 5G offers coast-to-coast coverage with no monthly subscription required. Get the most advanced wireless GPS in the market for your peace of mind without breaking the bank.

By having RevGPS 5g vehicle recovery system, you may qualify for a discount on your insurance policy.


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a group of 27 Earth-orbiting satellites, of which 24 are in operation and three extras in case any fail. When people talk about a “GPS,” they usually are referring to a GPS receiver. The U.S. military developed and implemented this satellite network as a military navigation system but now lets everyone use the signals free of charge.

Since the system is wireless the entire installation process should only take a couple of minutes.

RevGPS will reimburse the price you paid for the unit up to $995 or you may receive a $5,000 credit towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle given that the Registered Customer will purchase said replacement Vehicle from the same dealership listed about. (Please see Terms & Conditions)

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